Long Live Simple believes in small-business success, building meaningful experiences for entrepreneurs and business owners. We believe in the power of simple, clean design and user experience, strong messaging, and a clearly defined voice. If you’re a passionate entrepreneur or business owner, you’re in the right place!

Our services range from branding packages to custom illustrations to a variety of print and website solutions.

Our Services

    • Branding Packages
    • Print Collateral Design
    • Custom Illustration
    • Custom Iconography
    • Web Design
    • Social Media Setup
    • Brand Strategy Consulting
    • User Experience Consulting

      Branding Packages

      Every branding package at Long Live Simple starts with a brand design. Whether a refresh or a start-to-finish design, this gets your project off to the right start.

      Choose from either our Simple Branding package or our Deluxe Branding package. From there you can choose to DIY or continue with one of the packages below that combines the brand design with collateral and/or a Squarespace site design.

      Simple Branding Package

      A three-week process equipping you with a custom logo, brand vision design, and marketing essentials. A basic package to get you started on your business plan and vision.

      What's included

      • Brand mood board
      • Custom logo
      • Secondary logo
      • Brand sub-mark
      • Color palette
      • Standard client icon set


      *Ask us about our local discounts.

      Deluxe Branding Package

      A 5- to 6-week partnership focusing on creating a completely cohesive and thoroughly thoughtful brand experience.

      What's included

      • Custom logo
      • Secondary logo
      • Brand sub-mark
      • Color palette
      • Custom client icon set
      • 3 marketing materials/collateral of your choice


      *Ask us about our local discounts.

      Custom Illustration

      We create one-of-a-kind commissioned illustrations and digital vectors for any desired project. Please get in touch if you have a custom idea!

      Brand Strategy / User Experience Strategy Sessions

      Help get clarity regarding your specific questions about starting your new business or refreshing your brand. Choose from in-person or by-phone sessions. Afterward you’ll receive a document outlining our suggested solutions.


      *Ask us about our local discounts.

      Web Design Package

      Our user-experience driven website designs are fully responsive, meaning that they are designed to look good on any device, from mobile and tablets to desktop computers and displays. Featuring HTML and CSS for custom-coded Squarespace and Wordpress sites. See some of our work here.


      For our full list of services and pricing, please email us at


      Needing a business logo refresh recently, I was recommended to Carley by my web developer, who had seen her work on another project.

      Carley and her skill set was exactly what I needed. Her work was prompt, offered a variety of choices, and expertly updated a 20-year-old image to modern standards very successfully. In addition to her graphics she has also offered marketing advice and suggestions that are valuable and appreciated.

      It's been great working with Carley and Long Live Simple.

      - Cathy Gerson, Founder and Ceramic Artist | Cathy Gerson Studios

      What I love most about Carley is her cheerful friendliness.

      She's very upbeat and kind, which put me at ease in a process I'd never been on this side of before. I loved her structured business processes, which not only made our work together clearer for me but made it obvious to me that she's put careful thought into her work with her clients. It inspired me to amp up my own game as a fellow freelancer! There were charming personal touches and pleasant, generous surprises along the way that made the project fun. She never made me feel like I was inconveniencing or annoying her with my questions or rounds of revisions, and I didn't feel rushed through our project. I worried that a designer would push me in a direction that wouldn't be a good fit for me and my brand, but while I could trust Carley to always let me know her expert perspective as an experienced designer, she didn't force a certain vision on our work together. Her hand-lettering is technically skilled and beautiful, and it was clear to me she knew what she was doing as a designer.

      I'm very pleased with my finished branding and am happy to recommend Carley and her work.

      - Kelsey Mitchener, Editor | Kelsey Mitchener Editing

      Long Live Simple has helped me with many projects and every one of them have been just what I wanted.

      From business cards to logos to brochures to a website, all have been very creative and one of a kind. Carley is very particular about her work and is very caring about her clients and wants to make sure they are happy.

      I highly recommend Carley and Long Live Simple!

      - Sheila Villada, Owner, Cosmetologist, and Nail Tech | Salon Etc.

      Ready to craft your brand story? Please fill out our contact form to receive more information. If you still have more questions, see our frequently asked questions.